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Samaritans 24:7
Putting the pieces together.

Marilou Rabourdin and me have been commissioned by the Samaritans to create a flexible structure of emotions and a tool of communication for their annual awareness day 24th July.

Made from a collaborative process of conception, creation, and solidarity. Special thanks to:
Photography: Nick Ballon
Design Structure Consultancy: Jake Savage
And all the people who helped: Martha Dais, Stefania Charitou, Serena Andreini, Catarina Cipriano, Jonas Piet, Trine Jensen, Matteo Oliverio, Elizbeth Buecher, Mor Melamed.

Part1: London Fields

Photography: Nick Ballon

Part2: unveiling, 22nd July 2011, Royal College of Art

The weaving technique used to create the letters, illustrates the 'up and downs' in life. With the various densities and shades of colors the letters express the complexity of emotions people may feel when they call the Samaritans, as well as their reachability night and day.

Submissions of branches across the country have been printed in black and white and form the 'heart' of each letter that weaves into the structure. It represent the connections of volunteers from across the UK and Ireland, that offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"Call Us, Join Us" is an invitation to the audience to be aware of the Samaritans support network.

Art piece: 228 x 365 x 245 cm, paper and mixed materials

The Making Of - Samaritans 24:7, Putting the pieces together


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