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Offline Etiquette : InnovationRCA; cover, content page spread

Offline Etiquette
The Impact of the Internet in Physical Space

Research booklet design for InnovationRCA.

Offline Etiquette compiles the research of Cristina Bilsland on the Impact of the Internet in Physical Space. She approached me to design the publication of her one year research as Associate at the RCA Helen Hamlyn Centre 2006.

Together with her research partners: InnovationRCA, Interaction Design RCA, Philips Design she looked into how 'The internet creates new ways for people to live life – to communicate, congregate and share information... People are complicated, they use new technologies in the most unlikely ways and with a 'space' as broad and intrusive as the internet invading the home, the possibilities are endless.'

Translating the submersion of the virtual the book opens like a laptop - placing key ideas, images and illustrations on the top page (= left page) and the copy on the bottom page (= right page). The analogy of Michelangelo's creation used for the book cover inspires all sorts of questions about human nature and our evolution.

Font: Cholla by Sibylle Hagmann (1999)
Printed by Futura, London, 2006
Author: Cristina Bilsland
Editor: Jeremy Myerson
ISBN 1-905000-32-4