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Digital Zoetrope : 'ondotzero - adventures in motion', left: rendering, right: at the BFI Southbank in London

Digital Zoetrope
An installation by Troika and visual identity
for 'ondotzero - adventures in motion' 2008/2009.
Created with Troika.

Troika approached me to create the visual identity for this year's 'ondotzero - adventures in motion' festival with them.
The festival identity was to integrate with the costum made installation they've been commissioned to create around
this year's onedotzero festival theme 'Citystates'.
After researching and discussing different concepts the 'Digital Zoetrope' hit home. This idea forms the bases and comes directly from the festivals heart 'adventures in motion' and this year's theme 'Citystates' - as we are traveling, exploring and experiencing different levels of the city's face, fabric, skin and sound by moving in different speeds and with different levels of control - by walking, cycling, driving, above and below ground, behind the steering-wheel or in the passenger seat.

The 'Digital Zoetrope' installation forms the core of the festival identity. The principles we discovered in the first tests - with a recordplayer, different frequencies and turning speeds - translate to the trailer and the printed material for a coherent visual identity.

The key graphic element derives from the deconstruction of onedotzero's corporate typeface the Gridnik (by Wim Crouwel).
It's base-elements - the horizontals, the verticals and the diagonals- are the three deconstructed Gridnik-versions that overlayed reconstruct to 'The Layered Gridnik' (= 1.Gridnik-vertical (normal) + 2.Gridnik-diagonal (normal) + 3.Gridnik-horizontal (multiplied) - applied in headlines (in print and on screen), posters, short introductories and on The 'Digital Zoetrope'
The 'Layered Gridnik' is a system for rhythmic patterns that shape to letters and allows for animation. We create a strong visual identity that translates into different media and material.

The Zoetrope is one of the oldest animation devices, it produces an illusion of action from a rapid succession of static pictures. Traditional zoetropes use a shutter, more recent reincarnations use a strobe. The 'Digital Zoetrope' uses a light source that is alternating on a frequency from 50mhz upwards, so the flickering is invisible to the human eye.
Traditional Zoetropes commonly display small loops of figurative animations - the 'Digital Zoetrope' forms the abstract pattern
of the 'Layered Gridnik' typeface into letters and words - legible when lit with the right frequency.

The 'Digital Zoetrope' 'spins' citypoetry - different speeds, different rhythmns intertwining; performing stories of the people, the streets, the buildings - visible and invisible.
Onedotzero at the BFI in London: 14-16.Nov 2008 and touring the world.

I was mainly working on the graphic- and printmaterial and built the three Gridnik versions
(Gridnik-vertical, Gridnik-diagonal, Gridnik-horizontal).

*onedotzero is an internationally noted moving image and digital arts organisation that commissions, showcases and promotes innovation across all aspects of moving image, digital and interactive arts since 1997 (since 2001 solely by Shane Walter).

*Troika London based art and design practice founded in 2003 by Conny Freyer, Eva Rucki and Sebastien Noel; critical acclaimed for their installations 'Cloud' and 'All the time in the World' at Heathrow Airport T5. Their work is part of the permanent collection of MoMa, The British Council and V&A Museum.