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Mutations : O2 and IDE + DI RCA, book cover, detail

A Collaboration between O2 and the Royal College of Art
Inductrial Design Engineering and Design Interactions students
Created with Manolis Kelaidis

The book 'Mutations' compiles the design concepts and research of eight student groups. After reviewing the material of all
students working on 'Mutations' - a 3 week module, set by O2, IDE RCA and DI RCA to rethink the relationship between user, content, devices, and service providers and to investigate the overlapping services, technologies, and objects taking the user perspective - we've interviewed each studengroup about their process and project outcome and selected the Punchcard Phone,
the S&M Nipple Clamp, Lesser Phone, Polyamory, Papparazzi, the Life Skill Academy and the DIY Protestors the publication;
edited and designed the book.

The Book consists of two parts:
Part 1 showcases each projects' keyimages and keyideas; printed in colour on XANTUR 120gsm (GFSmith)
Part2 showcases the research and process behind; printed in bw on XENON 100gsm (GFSmith)
Part 1 and 2 meet in the middle of the book where you find the CVs of the students behind the featured work. The book has two frontcovers and allows you to start from either side. From whichever side you start reading turn the book 180° and flip to the according other part of the projects.

'Mutations' is a limited edition of 23, for O2 internal use. The book contains 352 pages, stitch bound. It's cover is white debossed on Quinel Display Seta.