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Innovate : InnovationRCA, cover detail issue 4 and issue 5

Magazine redesign for InnovationRCA

The Innovate magazine is published annually by InnovationRCA, the innovation network for graduates and business partners of the Royal College of Art. I was commissioned for its redesign in 2007.

The redesigned magazine was to go in line with the three previous editions. The redesign combines the 'language' of a business magazines with that of 'design' magazines to showcase the content. The new design has some great visual moments - half and full page images that are brilliant designs and arresting visually.
The magazine is printed in 2C - pantone black and a metallic pantone as decoration colour, varying each issue. The vertical line introduced on the cover is procreated throughout the magazine - in section headings, marking and separating frontline articles, framing quotes, opening and finishing each article. The introduced quotes, set in Calvert and framed by two vertical dashes, are breaking up the text blocks and highlight key-ideas. Bold headlines with introductory paragraph in Calvert are leading into each article.

I carried forward this successful redesign in 2008 - issue 5 of Innovate magazine.

Innovate is printed on Challenger (cover: 300gsm, pages: 100gsm) by Redlin. in an edition of 1.500.
A limited edition of 500 is produced with a spine wrap schedule for the Innovation night.
The spine wrap is printed in bw on 280gsm Retreeve pinpoint ivory (2007) / white (2008).

Editor: Jeremy Myerson / director, InnovationRCA
Art Director: Margaret Durkan / communication manager, InnovationRCA