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CMS – Circular Makespaces in Redistributed Manufacturing

Design research – seeking to support a more holistic understanding on what current circular practices exist, the wider role of makespaces /and their stakeholders, within a "circular economy" and "redistributed manufacturing", run by RCA.

Innovate! exhibition

New products, new entrepreneurs, new ventures from the Royal College of Art.

Samaritans 24:7

Putting the pieces together


A Collaboration between O2 and the
Royal College of Art Inductrial Design Engineering and Design Interactions students

Digital by Design

A book by Troika for Thames & Hudson


Magazine redesign

Offline Etiquette

The Impact of the Internet in Physical Space
Research booklet design

Research booklet design

Booklet redesign

What progress?
Review report design

Genetic Communication

A Woodhill Park Critical Forum and documenting article


Digital tools for CoDesign

Design research – looking to facilitate ongoing dialogue for more considered and sustainable products – UIC with Fairphone. UIC is part of the Open Design Research Group.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Royal College of Art.


Camouflage ~ Camofuse ~ Couraflage

DBA Inclusive by Design

Ten Years of the DBA Inclusive Design Challenge at the Royal College of Art in Soeul

A fresco painted in Neon

for Selfridges new Shoe Galleries,
What is your shoe story?

Digital Zoetrope

An installation by Troika and visual identity

Crossing Boundaries, Barriers danced

Part of Interventions

Type Instruments

Five musical instruments

High and Deep
— 42 Perfect Days
Expanding the german "Lebensmittel-gesetz" (food-law)