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High and Deep, Exhibition at filesharing in Berlin, meeting the authors and people involved

High and Deep — 42* perfect days
Diplom FHTW Berlin. 2004

42 invited authors from different fields write about their perfect day.

The character on the invitation is created to stimulate the 42 chosen authors. The nourishment shown with the character refers to and 'expands' the german "Lebensmittel-gesetz" (=Food-law). The invitation sent provided next to the character, the title "My Perfect Day" instead of questions, with a white space to write and a detachable postcard for the author to keep.

The returned stories - from factual to poetic - were incredible. During a one-day exhibition at Filesharing in Berlin, now Supa-Life Kiosk, all authors and people involved met with chocolate cake and music. The 42 "Perfect Days" were hang in the exhibition aswell as compiled in a book, structured as a foldable map.
The created memory game for play in the exhibition and with friends, filters the keywords of the 42 Perfect Days.
The t-shirts printed with the character and the High and Deep map were a thank you present to each of the authors. The t-shirts were produced by Shirtlab and you can buy a t-shirt in their shop in Hamburg and Zuerich and online.

*42 is the Answer to Life, the Univers and Everything / Deep Thought in
"The Hitchhiker´s Guide to the Galaxy"by Douglas Adams


The 5 characters created invite and stimulate 42 authors; The nourishment shown with the character illustrations refers to and 'expands' the german "Lebensmittel-gesetz" (=Food-law)

Details of 6 of 42 'Perfect Days' writings

The "High and Deep" book compiles the 42 'Perfect Days' writings; it is structured as a foldable map; detail

The "High and Deep" research compiled in a booklet titled "Was bewegt" ("What moves")

The first "High and Deep" T-shirt - created as a Thank you present to each of the authors - is produced and sold by
Shirtlab since 2004. Buy online.