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first Gusto test prototypes, in the workshop with jewellery designer Karola Torkos

Gusto — taste beyond
A new set of cutlery.
Self-initiated; developed with Stefanie Buergel, CAAD RCA.

'Gusto' is a cutlery that combines the basic eating set (knife, fork and spoon) with the gardener's basic kit
(dibber, cultivator and trowel).

We were looking into peoples shopping bags, asking questions, reading books and blogs and researching technologies.
The lifestyle choices we make as consumers are based on our habits and awareness.

Many food issues that you might scratch your head about = the food's history (how is it farmed, grown, produced, sold,
how far did it travel before it reached your plate) = is just a handle-length with 'Gusto'. If you are not scratching your head
'Gusto' will make you wonder what to do with the cultivator, dibber or trowel when you 'only' want to eat. ′Gusto′ is a
usable and elegant trigger to develop your taste beyond what appears on your plate.

As well as it is a conceptual design it is a lifestyle-product. Over the past years Bio and Eco is blooming beyond whoolen
socks and tree-huggers.

′Gusto′ is in development to it's final prototypes, and I'm very excited about the first models built with Karola Torkos,
jeweller designer and one of the designers behind 'Topoware'.

Award: Finalist Design for our Future Selves Award 2007