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"DIE GRÖSSTE AUTORENLESUNG DER WELT" Part of the long night of books.
Lesikon-Lesemarathon Saturday 14th May 2011 from 12am to 12pm, at Museum der Dinge, Berlin
On May 14th over 100 Co-Authors are reading their texts for "Das LESIKON der visuellen Kommunikation" von Juli Gudehus.

My terms and definitions given by Juli Gudehus in 2004:
- Schaffensdrang (= creative urges)
- Grössenverhältnisse (= proportions, scale)
- Augenweide (= feast for the eyes)
- typisch (= typical)
- umformen (= transforming)

Extract from "Grössenverhältnisse (= proportions, scale)

photo: ML

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