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Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Royal College of Art.

Client: InnovationRCA
– Text: Nadia Danhash, InnovationRCA & Gina Lovett, RCA
– Project management & assistance: Pauline Watkins & Reshni Soman, InnovationRCA

Flyers with: Itamar Ferrer

"InnovationRCA helps talented RCA graduates develop their commercial acumen and transform innovative ideas into socially useful, scalable businesses of value to the UK economy."

InnovationRCA's new brochure and flyers were launched at the Innovate! exhibition – New products, new ventures, new entrepreneurs from the Royal College of Art, at the Dyson Building Opening. Open to the public: 25, 26 and 28 September 2012.

photo Itamar Ferrer
photo Itamar Ferrer
photo Itamar Ferrer

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