~ Grit Hartung ~


Grit Hartung is a thuringian born Designer with an entrepreneurial mind and with 10+ experience working in cutting edge projects.
Since graduating with an MA from the Royal College of Art Grit is based in East London and has worked on various contracts.
She is responsible giving design direction, working in multidisciplinary teams and co-creating design. Pushing the frontier of design development
in digital, graphic, spacial and design thinking in a wide array of projects.

Grit creates meaningful experiences in a digital age. Together with leading experts in different fields and critical minds across the industry,
public sector and academia, she addresses new challenges at the front-end that inspire wider industry, push ethical standards and inform
greater value creation. Her infinite curiosity and highly developed sense of empathy have consistently enabled me to explore and manifest
design opportunities, on target and in line with business acumen.



Our human condition is framed by technologies that we perceive as part of human nature

(technologies we have now internalised, such as writing) and technologies we perceive as alien still.