~ Grit Hartung ~


Grit Hartung is a thuringian born creative communicator; design researcher, visiting lecturer working across platforms
and in environments she finds stimulating. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art Grit is based in East London.

Combining creativity, communication design and design research, design thinking and co-learning approach to create
meaningful outputs and strategies that emotionally engage, inform and uplift.

Grit's infinite curiosity and highly developed sense of empathy has consistently enabled her to explore and manifest design
opportunities, on target and in line with business acumen.

With her high interest in purpose focused design, including service & experience design her focus is on the quality of
interactions and relationships between people, technology, nature, economy and culture.



Selected works

Our human condition is framed by technologies we have internalised

and that are now perceived as part of human nature (think writing) and technologies

we perceive as alien still.